Towards A Better Memory

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Having a better memory is useful in almost all aspects of life, from remembering where your keys are to finding your way back to your hotel room in a city you have only been to a few times before. Having a better memory creates rewards for the brain, and the brain wants to be able to perform its duty to remember things. In order to support his cranial activity, there are things we can do to make it more likely you will remember the person’s name next time.

Use Time to Your Advantage

No one, even those with excellent memories, can remember as many details days, weeks, months, or years after an event, when compared to just seconds or minutes before. Instead of getting angry at your brain next time it cannot remember some detail from 2 weeks ago, help it out by taking small notes or installing memory cues. A memory cue is something that you can attach to a name or other kind of data that helps your brain remember it. An example of this could be a nickname, acronym, and descriptive word. If someone has a distinctive feature about them, add it to their name so you can better remember it (note: try to be nice with your naming, because someone might be doing this for you as well!).

Identify Your Memory Type

Have you ever heard someone say that they have a photographic memory? This indicates that a person can take a mental picture of something or someone and recall that picture later. Others need to employ memory cues as discussed in the previous section. If you are not sure what your memory type is, find out now!

Practice these 2 things, and your memory (or at least your perceived memory) will become better in a short amount of time.