Nootropic Brain and Smart Pills – The Dirty Little Secret to Success

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The Dirty Little Secret to Success

What are Smart Pills?

Perhaps success really can be a little bit easier to achieve than most people think it is – but only if you are prepared to “cheat” using the top brain pills now available.

You’ve probably heard the reports and rumors of Wall Street stock brokers popping Adderall, Ritalin, and other smart nootropic smart drugs to stay alert and focused for hours on end.

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Are the US Military using Brain Pills?

Leaks have come out suggesting the US military don’t allow their Fighter Pilots into the Jets without first taking a Cognitive Enhancer to keep them razor sharp in combat.

With Noopept and Piracetam both showing signs of being able to increase accuracy, alertness, and reaction times – the possibilities of the stories ringing true probably isn’t as crazy and far fetched as it might seem… Piracetam after all was developed by the Russians to help their Cosmonauts sleep less – while still being able to ward off fatigue to ensure quality work.

So chances are the military are using some form of nootropic brain pill to enhance cognitive performance, but are keeping quiet about it if so.

Us soldier on rooftop

Well obviously no government want an ‘enhanced’ general public – nor do they want to have to deal with enhanced criminals!

But they may have little choice – their secret is out and it’s a secret we can get our hands on too!

With nootropics, brain pills, and cognitive enhancers now hitting the mainstream and becoming available online, cognitive enhancement is available to all… And boy do we love them!

The growing use of Smart Pills

In an very eye-opening report, the BBC discovered information regarding the growing use of smart drugs.

In a survey in 2011, it was found that as many as 38% of over 2,000 students surveyed claimed that they had in the past used brain supplements to help boost their academic performance.

And what’s more, 92% of them admitted they would do so again in the near future.

That’s an old report, and with the taboo surrounding “Limitless pills” and their long term effects slowly relaxing, the numbers are even more today.

But still people aren’t telling – for fear of being called a cheat.

If you look up from your screen and take a good look around at your co-workers, are any of them using cognitive enhancing drugs?

Does someone in the office seem to never tire?

Does John from accounts have a freakishly strong memory?

More importantly, did YOU miss out on a promotion due to your colleague besting your efforts due to his/her use of Brain Steroids?!

Leonardo DiCaprio’s portrayal of Jordan Belfort in the Wolf of Wall Street movie seemed to lift the veil on nootropic and drug use among success hungry entrepreneurs, students, and go-getters alike.

Leonardo DiCaprio in wolf of wall street

A search of “nootropics” or “brain enhancing supplements” on Google would once return little results.

Now try it today – it would appear a new Brain Pill hits the market every 5 minutes! In fact, there are over 6,000 different products currently out there, and that number is growing rapidly.

That’s good news for you and I, providing we can sift through the rocks to find the gold – there are plenty of duds too.

In the next few years nootropics will take human performance to a whole new level, and it is suggested employers may not only be encouraged to take them eventually, but will be incentivised to with higher salaries due to the nature of the productivity and focus enhancing benefits on offer.

The question is will take one?

With what seems like very little to lose, but a lot to gain, perhaps now is the time to test brain supplements for yourself and see what all the fuss is about…

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