Setting the Right Goals

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Setting the Right Goals

Motivation comes from a few certain things.

It comes from your reward and pleasure centre in your brain, the release of hormones in your body, your overall attitude towards work, and how excited you feel when you’re actually doing something.

We all know that at times it can be very difficult to get motivated.

But sometimes, getting motivated enough simply comes from setting meaningful goals that will resonate with you.

As well as making them challenging enough to keep you motivated.

Setting the Right GoalsIt’s a very simple concept, and if you’ve studied ‘Psychology 101’ or ‘Human Resource Management 101’ in college, you would have learned about Locke’s theory of goal-oriented motivation.

Sometimes, all you need is a clear goal with challenging aspects.

Locke claims that to be able to create a goal that will keep you motivated, you need to follow the SMART way of Goal Setting.

Your goals must be:

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Achievable
  4. Relevant
  5. Trackable

Disregard the ‘M’ from the picture, it should say ‘Measurable’ (Someone probably wasn’t able to find a better picture for this topic!)

But in any case, your goals mustn’t be vague, you should be able to accurately measure how much of them must be done, they must be achievable.

They must be relevant to an overall larger picture, and it should be trackable so that you know your progress.

With these sort of goals, you will be able to create better, fuller goals, allowing you to not only create the most enriching goals, but also goals that will leave you fuller, more content, and completely motivated.