Reading for Self Development

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Reading for Self Development

How can reading help me

So lately, an old friend from back in college hit me up on Facebook and started asking me on ways that he can further improve his career and his life.

Well, it was a little difficult answering his question, but I did know that one profound way to learn a lot of things was to read.

I referred him a few good books that I have read before and actually gave him a few out of my own library, and I was surprised to hear from him a month later on the amount of good things he had done lately after my recommendations.

Amazing what reading may have done, but perhaps I might have had something to do with it as well.

Thinking about the things we do every day, why aren’t more people reading books for self-development?

Well, back when I was a little younger I would have cringed at the thought of reading an entire book.

while I would waste away a majority of my life just getting drunk.

But while I still don’t quite enjoy reading fiction, I have taken an interest in reading things that help develop my skills.

Bill Gates holding up books

How to get motivation to read

I think of it, reading a book for an hour a day is really nothing at all for the benefits that you reap from learning valuable information.

Every day, a lot of us are probably wasting away 3-6 hours on the internet or other places doing nothing productive, when we could really be finely tuning our current skillsets while additionally trying to add to it as well.

A mentor of mine in the past had once told me that if I just read 30 minutes a day on a particular subject for a whole year, I would have mastered the subject by then.

Perhaps this might not be applicable to certain fields of study (like physics and medicine), but as an entrepreneur, if I wanted to become a great marketer, all I really needed would be to keep reading and testing marketing strategies.

Even if it were only 30 minutes a day.

If I wanted to learn sales, I could do so. If I wanted to learn how to do accounting, I could do so as well.

And I have to attest that this works.

Perhaps it all comes down to willpower, but the very simplest way of getting yourself on the right track to getting things done is really taking the first step – and that might be through reading the first page of a book.

Develop your skillsets to complement each other, and in a few years you will be unstoppable.