Nitroamp: The best Smart Caffeine with BioPerine for better absorption and smooth Guarana instead of Caffeine

Manufacturer: Project Noo You
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Nitroamp isn’t your typical brain pill. In fact, it isn’t a brain pill at all. It’s basically a caffeine pill and it’s the very successful Nitrovit’s younger brother, in a way.

It was released a while ago, and has been selling well, side-by-side with Nitrovit.

Nitroamp offers a clean boost of energy, while also canceling all the side effects of caffeine, offering its users a nice slight boost.

While it is technically stacked for Nitrovit, Nitroamp can be stacked with other brain enhancers and nootropics as well, without any repercussions.


Nitroamp’s ingredients: 

Guarana: 300 mg
L-Theanine: 100 mg
BioPerine: 5 mg


As you can notice, Nitroamp only has three ingredients.

This is in keeping with a manufacturer Project Noo You’s policy with making their supplements.

As it was with Nitrovit, they only include ingredients that they deem truly important, and that will actually positively affect the formula as a whole.

Many manufacturers these days seem to just keep adding more and more ingredients to their formulas with the ‘more is more’ mindset. 

The issue arises as too many ingredients are fighting to do the same tasks. 

Nitroamp keeps it simple. 


Overall Dose Potency: B+

As mentioned, Project Noo You’s products have been known to be incredibly potent.

They try to limit the nonessential ingredients from their products, allowing them to be incredibly potent.

This continues with Nitroamp as well, as there are only two ingredients in its formula.

On their website, its explained how Nitroamp actually works, and this is due to a unique interaction between the two main  ingredients, where caffeine pumps up the body full of energy, while L-theanine also soothes it at the same time.


Effects When Stacked: A+

What better product would there be to stack Nitroamp with, but Nitrovit?

This is the most important question, after all: does it really work when stacked with a nootropic?

Needless to say, we gave it a good go, and knowing what we experienced with Nitrovit, we were expecting quite a lot from Nitroamp.

We weren’t disappointed.

Nitrovit and Nitroamp brain enhancement supplements taken together.

Nitroamp added a substantial boost of energy from that which we already got from Nitrovit, and additionally, we also got a huge boost in productivity too – which was a substantial step up as well.

Focus was also increased in some way, however, with large boosts from Nitrovit already, we have to say that the added boost was noticeable, yet not overly overwhelming.

It was a whopping experience, and we would definitely recommend it to anyone.


Price/Value: A

A bottle of Nitroamp is only $17.97 for 60 capsules.

This means that depending on how much of it you take daily, it can last anywhere from one to two months.

If you aren’t taking it every day, it can last even longer than that.

Nitroamp is really one of the cheapest bottles of caffeine that we have ever gotten, and it gets even cheaper than that if you purchase Nitrovit.

Project Noo You often gives out discounts, as well as free Nitroamp bottles from bulk purchases of Nitrovit.


Conclusion: A

Another fantastic product from a fantastic company. Project Noo You still continues to surprise us with its many different products, and continues to keep us on the edge of our seats for what’s to come.

It’s a great nootropic stack, really offering good boosts to what is already a very good nootropic.

It’s also incredibly cheap, coming to around a third of a dollar per capsule – and this can be made even cheaper if you take purchase it with Nitrovit. Overall, fantastic.