Master Review: Finding this Nootropic was no accident.

In my busy and stressful life, I haven’t much time reserved for my passion of music.

A man stressed at his work desk

So, I started looking for anything that would help me optimise the little free time I have to play and learn my music.

I thought I was confined to one of two options, an overpriced music teacher or music lessons I don’t have the time to go to.

But then I found Noosician a company that manufactures and develops Nootropics that help musicians learn music and perform at their best, by giving benefits of Increased memory, focus and learning capabilities.

Plus, increased memory and focus could also help me when at work to get everything done in the day that I need to.

So, I can finish work at 5 and not have to take work home with me.

When starting my Master Review, I saw Master as the solution.

What is Master? A brain enhancer? A memory Pill?

Master is a Nootropic with a formula that has come from the sole private use of the now CEO of Noosician to the big market of Nootropics.

Before Noosician existed and before Master was in fact called Master, it was originally developed to help the CEO learn and perform his own music more effectively and efficiently.

He is now sharing this 40-ingredient formula with the world through Noosician.

(Master is made in an FDA registered facility that is compliant to GMP rules therefore Master is manufactured to the highest clinical and scientific standards)

The goal of Musician is to develop supplements that keep musicians in mind as well as the ‘traditional’ Nootropic user.

So, Noosician can create well balanced Nootropics that equally benefit both musicians and Nootropic users.

We believe they have achieved their goal in Master.

What are the effects of Master?

Master claims to:

  • Improve your memory capacity
  • Increase your focus
  • Enhance your learning capabilities
  • Help you be at your best mentally through out the day
  • Stop oxidative stress damaging your brain

Noosician have kept musicians in mind when developing Master but have also created a master formula that delivers benefits that we can all use.

What are Masters ingredients

Master memory supplement facts

Huperzine A

This chemical can allow the brain to function at a heightened state for extended periods of time.

Which is exactly what you need when performing mentally exerting tasks like learning.

A high concentration of Huperzine A allows us to reach a heightened state because it stops the breakdown of acetylcholine.

Which allows are brain to work more efficiently for a period of time of about an hour because Huperzine A is at its most concentrated for the hour after consumption.

Due to its effects on our Neurotransmitters (acetylcholine) Huperzine A is believed to improve memory and encourage faster learning speeds.

The inclusion of this ingredient can help musicians learn music faster, easier and also allow them to remember what they read.

Shortening your learning time so you can play and perform sooner!

But it’s not just music Huperzine A will help you learn more efficiently it can be anything from schoolwork to a new skill.

A clinical trial to test huperzine A as a possible treatment for early or mild Alzheimer’s disease is currently underway at USC.

Huperzine A plant


A recent study concluded its incredibly difficult for you to consume enough choline without supplementing.

As choline only comes from foods such as eggs and fatty species of fish.

Choline rich foods like red meats

Unfortunately, choline is in fact a very important chemical.

As choline also effects our acetylcholine.

However instead of stopping the breakdown of these neurotransmitters choline increases the rate of production and release of acetylcholine. 

This has lefts scientists to believe high levels of choline can improve memory and learning functions.

Which will make learning that new song or instrument could be that much easier.

Green Tea Extract

This antioxidant has been shown to protect the brain against oxidisation in the brain.

Which can reduce the rate of mental decline cause by aging.

Grandparents holding hands and smiling

“This placebo-controlled study included 18 healthy individuals that were randomly assigned to receive two cups of green tea or water every day for 4 weeks. 

The results of the study found a 20% reduction in various levels of DNA damage.  DNA damage is our primary cause of accelerated aging and disease.”

This recent study shows regular consumption of green tea can help combat against mental decline caused by aging.

Consumption constructions: You should 3 capsules daily (1038mg daily dosage)

Take each capsule before each meal of the day.

Master capsules are safe to take 3 times per day for 7 days a week as no break is required.

My experience during My Master Review

My motivation for using Master was to optimise my time outside of work so I could focus on my passion for music whilst also performing at work by being at a heightened mental state throughout the day.

What I wanted to get out of my $49 purchase was better focus, memory and learning capabilities.

I must say I really appreciated the high dosage and consequential power of Master.

As a seasoned Nootropic user, I probably appreciated it more as with my built tolerance I do need a higher dosage.

I was quietly impressed on day one I was super focused and didn’t have to take any work home to finish which there is generally a 50/50 chance of me having to take work home each evening.

Came home on the Monday very excited as Master had worked for me at work so I hoped it would work for me when practicing my music on the piano.

Man playing a piano

It did I had an hour of super heightened focus after taking my 3rd and final capsule of the day.

Learning did feel marginally easier but also far more fun because I knew I was absorbing what I learnt.

it wasn’t for nothing!!

I couldn’t practice for long as I was trying to learn Spanish and had to join an online class skype call.

Yet I still felt that day I optimised my work, music and additional learning far better than before.

My week continued well there didn’t seem to be an hour I wasn’t focused and even my memory was noticeable better.

I didn’t take a piece of work home the entire week.

Master gives you the ability to dictate your day rather than have your day dictate to you.

Which I’m sincerely thank full for.

But I couldn’t be more thankful for Master allowing me to fit my passion into my day and make learning easy and enjoyable.

Even when performing solely to friends and family the slight nerves of the past was eased because I had learnt and remembered everything.

Master is versatile and balanced and allowed me to focus better at work, learn my music faster and improve my memory.

What are the potential side effects of Master?

Masters high dosage may pose a problem and include side effects of headaches, nausea and even dizziness.

However, if any side effects are experienced, they are manageable as reducing daily intake to just 2 capsules a day should relive you of any side effects.

Where can I buy Master?

Purchase Master at Noosician’s website –

One bottle of Master equates to just $49 and one bottle contains enough capsules for an entire month.

For security Master comes with a whole 1-year guarantee money back.

Master is also sold as a 3-month for $99 where you can save $48 and year pack that costs $149 where you essentially get two bottles free.

Finally, you can purchase Master in multipacks along with Noosician’s additional products Sleep and Perform.

My final thoughts from My Master Review

Master gives you the ability to dictate your day rather than have your day dictate to you.

By giving you the focus, memory and learning capabilities to get what you need to done in a quicker time.

A True Brain Enhancer for both Musicians and Nootropic users.

I really enjoyed conducting my Master Review!