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Iluminal Review: Looks Can Be Deceiving. Lacks in Potency and Effectiveness.

Iluminal is a brain enhancement supplement produced that was suggested to us most recently, and in our preliminary research, we stumbled upon some interesting things. One of those things being that Iluminal being ranked one of the highest on popular review sites for brain pills. What was concerning was that we haven’t even heard of it before!

Supplement Facts
Vitamin B6 20mg
Vitamin B12 100mcg
Folate 800mcg
Sulbutiamine 150mg
N Acetyl L-Carnitine 150mg
2 B-hydroxamic Acid 65mg
5HTP 50mg


At least, one great thing that we found with this formula was the fact that it had such a low amount of ingredients, something that we always like to see, as not enough brain pill manufacturers do this.

Overall Dose Potency: 11/20

At first glance, Iluminal actually comes really close with some of the brain pill superstars that we’ve already reviewed. Despite its low popularity, Iluminal actually does quite well in terms of potency and its ingredients when compared to some other more popular brain enhancers available out there on the market. However, when you take into consideration that their serving size is only one capsule per day, at the low milligrams, you’ll begin to understand that Iluminal isn’t incredibly potent at all. Other brain enhancers come at around the same potency, but ask you to take 2 or 3 per day. While you might say that it’s easy to just take more per day, a bottle only contains 30, and you will run out at 10 to 15 days if you up your intake.

Short Term Benefits: 7/20

When we started taking Iluminal, we weren’t too surprised that it didn’t work as well as they claimed it would on their website. Again, this is more possibly due again to the low-moderate potency as there wasn’t really much notable difference in even memory after having taken Iluminal. There were some notable differences. However, it just simply wasn’t substantial enough to really write home about. Focus and concentration did increase slightly, but it wasn’t all too much either.

Long Term Benefits: 5/20

Even after usage of up to two months, we weren’t able to really notice a lot of difference. There really was not a lot of increase of memory, there was a slight ‘high’ feeling the first hour of taking it, and maybe even a slight increase in brain enhancement. However, that still did not mean anything as when we checked with some tests to measure brain performance, the improvements were only marginal. Frankly, Iluminal performed abysmally.

Side Effects: 20/20

Fortunately, Iluminal did not have any side effects whatsoever. While this might be a good thing for some, it was really simply an accurate representation of how Iluminal was just not potent. Usually, brain pills with low-moderate potency will not have a lot of side effects. What’s often difficult is finding a brain pill that is incredibly potent and effective without causing any other ailments. For Iluminal, this was the case as it did not have either a good amount of potency nor did it have any side effects. But just because it scored a 25/25 here does not in any way mean you should take it simply because there are no side effects. There are better out there that are also incredibly potent and effective with no side effects – those are the ones you should look for.

Price/Value: 3/20

A bottle of Iluminal is $32.95, which might seem like an incredibly cheap offering. However, when you take into consideration that it really has only 30 capsules, which by themselves really is not potent enough, $32.95 is a lot of money. Additionally, the real overall value is simply not there, case even if you would be taking two capsules a day, the potency and overall effectiveness still probably won’t reach what you should be expecting, in terms of what you’re paying.


Iluminal, for a number of reasons, shouldn’t be something that you should be seeking to buy. For a number of reasons like its lack of potency to other reasons like the lack of effectiveness, Iluminal is just your run-of-the-mill less-than-average brain pill. We feel like it really wasn’t worth the money, and even at a really attractive price of $32.95, you won’t be getting much. You’re probably a lot better off just drinking coffee every morning. Otherwise, try other brain pills that we’ve reviewed as there are certainly some that are great and perform exceptionally.