Ginkgo Smart Review: Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

Although its marketing might lead you to believe that Ginkgo Smart is only a Ginkgo Biloba supplement, closer observation will let you know that its actually something else – a completely legitimate nootropics supplement with a higher focus on Ginkgo Biloba. From the beginning it had surprised us, and it still continued to surprise us towards the end of our review. That’s what Gingko Smart is: an unexpected surprise – a good one at that.


Supplement Facts
Fish Oil 878mg
Ginkgo powder 400mg
Ginkgo extract 120mg
Acetyl-L-Carnitine 50mg
Choline Bitartrate 50mg
DMAE 50mg
Trimethylglycine 50mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 10mg
Vinpocetine 2mg
Toothed Clubmoss extract 1mg
Bioperine Complex 6mg


Just a look at its supplement facts, which is available online, show that although the majority of the ingredients are taken up by Ginkgo Biloba in its extract and powder forms, a lot of ingredients included in the formula are also the ingredients found in common brain enhancing supplement. In fact, if you took away how the ingredients were proportioned and rearranged them, this might just look like your average nootropic!


Overall Dose Potency: 17/20

Under direct observation, you’ll firstly notice that most of the nootropic ingredients in Ginkgo Smart are actually quite low in potency. However, the Ginkgo extract and powder in the formula more than make up for that deficiency. Ginkgo is also a nootropic substance. It aids in memory recall and retention, as well as in concentration and focus. Most other manufacturers opt for different ingredients to achieve those sort of effects, but obviously, the essential piece of this pie is Ginkgo. We aren’t saying that one is more effective than the other, but note that Ginkgo still lacks in some places, and those places are covered by the other nootropic ingredients listed as well – however, how well those bases are covered are yet to be discovered.

Ginkgo Smart also lacks any filler in its formula, which makes the main, brain-benefiting ingredients quite potent, right off the bat.


Short Term Results: 19/20

In the beginning of our 15 week trials, we were surprised by the quick onset of benefits that the use of Ginkgo Smart allowed. The benefits to focus to do work was a good kind of intense, as there was one point in the first day where the whole office was silent, doing some very productive work. In addition to focus, there were leaps in memory enhancements as well, as the memory capacity increased noticeably within the first 10 days. Some of us reported being able to recall exact sentences that they’ve said up to a week after they have said it. Overall, Ginkgo Smart demonstrated very pleasing effects in terms of nootropic abilities, especially since it wasn’t marketed as a nootropic in the first place.


Long Term Results: 17/20

Over the course of our trials, we were glad to know that the benefits that we got from Ginkgo Smart sustained for quite a long time. Although it wasn’t as evident anymore after a month of usage (probably due to getting used to the substance), we were still obviously more productive than we were without it. There were reports of increased vocabulary as well, although not many. Additionally, around the 2-month mark, some of us experienced great clarity when it came to doing work, and that was a great addition to the intense focus that we were already benefiting from.

Although not necessarily a nootropic effect, a few of us actually noticed shedding off a few pounds, which was great! Probably due to the Omega-3 Fatty Acids that does well as a weight-loss supplement. So, if you’re looking to lose weight on the side, this might just be for you.


Side Effects: 16/20

There were really almost no side effects to report. It seems as if the fact that it was opted to include more of Ginkgo over other substances made the overall product a cleaner, less-toxic option than most other products available out there. However, there were still one case throughout our trials where two of us experienced swollen testicles. At first, we thought that it was due to something that was acting in the formula that may have caused this. They admitted that they have overdosed on the substance, though, going over the recommended daily intake. This, unfortunately, is one of the side effects of excessive Ginkgo intake.


Price/Value: 20/20

At only $25.99 for a month’s supply of Ginkgo Smart, there aren’t really much other nootropics that can come close to the Price/Value ratio that it offers. Obviously, some other nootropics are priced lower or similarly, but they probably aren’t as effective as Ginkgo Smart is. However, interesting to say, is that it is not the best, since there are other products out there which do pretty well too in terms of this ratio, sometimes being at a slightly higher price for a lot more benefits offered. However, you’ll rarely get a deal like this.