FocalFuel: Shows great promise, albeit expensive.

FocalFuel is another relatively new nootropic that came around in 2011, packed with a large market budget that rivals even that of the big corporate giants. A quick look through their website can tell you that they’re not making any jokes, and are an aggressive force to reckon with. They claim to be able to back up their product, FocalFuel, with science, and base their idealisms behind the brain needing valuable nutrition that it’s lacking. With all this, FocalFuel isn’t really a bad product.


Supplement Facts
Ginkgo Biloba (24%) 50mg
Phosphatidylserine Complex 125mg
Acetyl-L-Carnitine 50mg
St. John’s Wort 250mg
Glutamine 150mg
DMAE Bitartrate 50mg
Bacopin 100mg
Vinpocetine 2mg


Another quick glance at their ingredients also reveal that their pill contains only a few ingredients, something which they have to show for: a lack of a proprietary blend. It seems that the people behind FocalFuel know what they’re doing. However, this is up for further investigation.


Overall Dose Potency: 15/20

Again, taking a look at the supplement facts provided by FocalFuel on their website, it’s easy to see that there are only 7 ingredients included in their capsule, a pretty good number. It’s something that many other companies out there fail to realize: when it comes to medication, less is more. The more ingredients you have in a capsule, the less effective each individual ingredient is. FocalFuel recognizes this, and we give them props for it.
However, it isn’t only the amount of ingredients included that matter, but also the specific proportions each ingredient contains in the whole formula. To this, we found that some ingredients were lacking. However, it wasn’t a problem with proportions, but the fact that the recommended daily dosage is only 1 capsule and maybe 2 capsules for some people. We found this a problem due to the fact that everything is spot on, however, the recommended daily dosages for each of their ingredients according to our nootropic ingredients bible will take 3 capsules a day: something that you’ll have to dish some money into.


Short Term Results: 18/20

We were surprised by the ease of obtaining FocalFuel here at We actually even received a discount for purchasing it online. So we were quite excited on what it could do for us. Surprisingly it wasn’t as effective as we originally though. Obviously, our preliminary conclusions already told us that we would need at least 3 to be experiencing optimal effects, and after we upped our dosage, the effectiveness also went up. So, yes, FocalFuel does work, and we did see benefits specifically to focus and clarity, but also basic learning. We were able to remember little things quite easily, where we left the keys, for example. FocalFuel Works.


Long Term Results: 18/20

What we noticed was that we had to continue taking FocalFuel at our prescribed dosage of 3 capsules a day for it to work. When we dropped it down to even 2, we felt drastic drops in the effects. However, that being said, FocalFuel did well for us long- term. We felt that the benefits that we received from taking it within the first week just gradually increased throughout the course of the 15 weeks in which we tested FocalFuel. This was a reassuring feeling, amongst all the other nootropics that we’ve tried before that did not work this way. A nootropic’s effects are supposed to increase long-term.


Side Effects: 20/20

What we noticed was that FocalFuel didn’t really have any side effects either. It seems as if FocalFuel really captures the essence of a nootropic: no caffeine, no filler, all-enhancing. The only thing to report was a small dip in performance level after our discontinuation of FocalFuel. It wasn’t that big of a dip either. We still felt more empowered than we were before taking FocalFuel.


Price/Value: 10/20

This is where FocalFuel takes a major hit. A bottle of FocalFuel contains 60 capsules, in which you’d have to take at least 3, according to our nootropic ingredients bible, before the effects start showing you any major benefits. This means that the bottle will only last 20 days, and the fact that it costs $69.99 is a problem. This means that you’d need to spend closer to $95 for a month’s supply. This is a pretty steep number, in which we think that there are other nootropics out there of similar grade that are less expensive. For those of you on a tight budget, you might be dismayed into buying FocalFuel just for this reason.