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Evo Review: Absolute Scam Scum Scam/Scum

It seems as if every few days, there is a new brain enhancer popping out of nowhere. The brain enhancement pill industry has some superheroes… and some villains. The people behind Evo Pill are sadly villains, and their objective (in our opinion) with Evo pill is to offer free trials and cheap deals to get the credit card details – before spanking the card and refusing to cancel payments. Evo has been building momentum for months, with hundreds of thousands spent in marketing… The first time we saw Evo was on an ad on Facebook. Interestingly enough, the 75% off sign was very enticing. But then again, everything usually isn’t as it seems.


Supplement Facts:


Supplement Facts
Vitamin B1 40mg
Vitamin B3  25mg
Vitamin B6 40mg
Vitamin B12 500mcg
Vitamin B5 30mg
Bee Pollen
Caffeine 75mg
CoQ10 75mg
L-Tyrosine  75mg
DMAE 50mg
Acetyl L-Carnitine 50mg
Choline Bitartrate 50mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 40mg
Ginkgo Biloba 30mg
Rhodiola 30mg
Gotu Kola 30mg
Piperine 10mg
Vinpocetine  2mg
Huperzine 25mg


While it may seem that Evo’s formula is not all bad, notice that a large chunk of it is dedicated to vitamins and minerals, and the dosages of each individual ingredients are inadequate. The filler here is Bee Pollen – NOT a nootropic, and yet it takes up most of the capsule with 400 mg!

Overall Dose Potency: 7/20

We didn’t like Evo’s formula. Firstly, as mentioned, is the use of too much “filler” – ingredients that actually have nothing to do with brain enhancement. Caffeine, multivitamins, and minerals all fit into this category. Secondly, just looking at the ingredients will have you wondering why there’s only 50mg of Acetyl L-Carnitine and 400mg of Bee Pollen. It is a little strange the way they’ve distributed them. Perhaps, like the creators of their website, the creator of Evo’s ingredients are clueless.

Short Term Results: N/A

Long Term Results: N/A

Side Effects: N/A

Price/Value: N/A

Sorry to say but we did not take Evo. If you look at its website, you’ll notice quite a few results immediately. First of all, is the lack of any actual information detailing how Evo works – which perhaps, is the most important piece of information out of them all. Secondly, their banners regarding their sale – the misleading 75% off ($39 at 75% off, really?!!!), the countdown timer so that it’s always a 24 hour sale whenever you land on the page – all of it seems a little fishy. As if they’re trying to trick you into purchasing, leading you down a road in which your money gets taken.

We didn’t want anything to do with Evo. Seriously, just look at the thing. There are no reviews online, aside from on their website. Actually, there is one – however, that video review doesn’t count in our books. Perhaps the whole thing is a scam.

While you might say not to judge a book by its cover, my counterargument would be: if they didn’t even put any care into the crafting of their website, do you really think they have in Evo’s formula? Probably not.

The only reason we actually took the time to review Evo is due to the amount of people asking for it through email. When dealing with ingredients and supplements that specifically target the brain, we couldn’t take any chances. Sorry guys.

There are better nootropics and brain pills available in the market out there. As mentioned earlier, the industry is overpopulated. There are literally thousands, so don’t settle for this one. You aren’t going to miss out. Bottom line: please don’t take Evo.

EDITOR UPDATE: The site has been pulled down after endless complaints regarding the “FREE TRIAL” Scam, and Evo pill seems to have just vanished!


  • Price $139