BrainKrave Review: Might Seem Suspicious At First

TopBrainPills Rating: 75%

In the world of nootropics, BrainKrave would be considered the good looking newborn. Even though the product was only introduced this year, it seems like they have gotten popular very quickly.

A few of our readers brought BrainKrave to our attention by mentioning how well known their Facebook page is – more specifically, they have over 10,000 followers.

Interestingly enough, however, the posts that they publish have an average of getting 3-5 likes. Curious to understand this bizarre case, we made our way to the product’s official website.

BrainKrave’s website is organized quite well with menu tabs along the top that cover the product’s ingredients, how they work, testimonials, blogs and contact.

BrainKrave markets itself as an “all natural and safe alternative to Adderall.”

The company promises that BrainKrave is packed with “powerful ingredients” to help increase focus, memory and energy.

Although we know for sure that there is no shortage of Adderall alternatives, we wonder whether BrainKrave can make its way to the top.


Brain Krave Dose Potency: 15/20

BrainKrave Supplement Facts.


BrainKrave’s formula consists of some very good nootropics. Here’s a full list of the ingredients:

We are going to highlight and discuss some of the key substances in this formula.

–       Caffeine: The world’s most famous nootropic helps to boost mental alertness. If taken at proper dosages daily then caffeine has been shown to improve brain function.

–       DMAE: This substance has been banned by the FDA in the U.S., Canada and Australia because it is capable of damaging nerve cells in the long-term.

–       Bacopa: Works with dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain to enhance mood and motivation.

–       Huperzine A: Improves memory.

–       Vinpocetine: Increases blood flow to the brain, allowing improved cognitive function in memory and learning.

We’ve noticed that this product is both a multivitamin and a nootropic stack. A lot of the ingredients consist of vitamins and minerals, which are vital to our well being and overall health, but do not apply specifically to our cognitive function.

However, Huperzine A and Vinpocetine have never failed us with their effectiveness and thus have become two of our favorite nootropics.

So despite the red flag of including DMAE (a banned substance), we would say that BrainKrave’s overall potency is quite good.


BrainKrave Short Term Results: 15/20

We were a bit reluctant to try this product because of the suspicious activity on their Facebook and Twitter.

As mentioned in many of other reviews, we truly take into account the reliability of a nootropic supplement manufacturer because it ultimately determines the value of the product itself.

To clarify, we are not assuming that BrainKrave is a scam. It is possible, however, that the company has decided to adopt some unethical marketing techniques. So there’s another big red flag.

On to the actual testing process: three testers anxiously decided to take BrainKrave for 6 weeks. Although the company has made some promising claims, the testers did not know what to expect.

For the first two weeks, there seemed to be no significant results. There were a few days where energy levels increased, but we assume that this may have been a placebo effect.

One of the testers, however, did begin to feel improvements in focus by the end of the second week. He noticed that he was able to concentrate with more ease and that he felt more engaged in the work he was doing.

This sensation lasted for about 4-6 hours before fading.


We always want to know how other people’s experiences with a product are because it gives us larger data to make conclusions. Here are two other reviews that we found on


“I love how this product makes me feel. I am able to get more done each day and my thinking is clearer and more focused. I don’t feel jittery on it and it doesn’t have a crash like other products do. I find that 1 capsule each day is the right amount for me. Last about 6-7 hours.”

–       eventer12 on


“Not quite the punch I was looking for but was a nice product for being a mild stimulate.”

–       aaronprestenbach on


BrainKrave Long Term Results: 17/20

There frankly were no long-term results. By the end of the first month, none of the users felt any changes or improvements.

Even the man who did feel changes in the beginning reported that the developments did not last. Perhaps this is because the users quickly built a tolerance, meaning they needed to take larger doses in order to feel any effects.

As we know, taking more than the recommended dose is very dangerous and should not be done despite forming tolerance.


BrainKrave Side Effects: 16/20

Side effects were not terrible but there certainly were some. Two of the users felt occasional headaches while the other one experienced trouble sleeping.

These side effects are very common with nootropic use and so we can’t say that we were shocked to see them.


BrainKrave Price and Value: 12/20

One bottle contains 30 capsules and costs $34.99. However, since the recommended dose is 2 capsules per day, one month’s supply would cost you $69.98.

This is definitely considered expensive in the nootropic market. There are other esteemed products that have been shown to bring prominent results for a cheaper price. Can’t say we’re impressed with the price tag in this case.


BrainKrave Review Conclusion:

BrainKrave is a cognitive enhancing supplement that promises to improve memory, focus and overall brain health.

The formula contains 19 active ingredients ranging from vitamins and minerals to potent nootropics. The company’s marketing practices are very questionable as noted in several cases.

Firstly, the Facebook and Twitter pages have a large number of followers while each post does not receive more than a few likes/re-tweets.

Secondly, the manufacturers have released a video to advertise BrainKrave ­– in which there is a doctor (more like actor) speaking about BrainKrave’s benefits.

Results showed us that the product may work for some and not for others. Since the price offering is not the best we’ve seen, we would understand if you decide to pick another supplement instead. If you have been recommended to take this product, however, then don’t be scared to get yourself a bottle since there is a money-back guarantee.

I personally just can’t get over the tacky bottle branding – a dazzling purple background with a blue brain…interesting! Perhaps this is their technique of aiming at a younger market.

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