Biohack Pure: A good product with a simple formula.

If you’re a fan of sports, you probably know Biohack and its owner Jonathan Weisman, who advocates the use of nootropics in sports. However, in a truly nootropic standpoint, Biohack Pure is a pretty good nootropic, rivalling the gigantic companies out there. Purportedly better than what the market has to offer, Biohack has seen real success. The expectations of Weisman might just be true, and frankly, there are so many reasons that attest to Biohack Pure’s appeal.


Supplement Facts
Vitamin B6 15mg
L-Tyrosine 300mg
L-Theanine 150mg
Alpha GPC 100mg
Phosphatidylserine 75mg
Huperzia Serrata 50mg
Vinpocetine 6mg
Pterostilbene 750mcg


A look at Biohack Pure’s ingredients can reveal that Biohack isn’t that bad of a product, though. In the world of nootropics, where most pharmaceutical corporations try to create a superdrug, Weisman understands that it’s impossible. To that, Biohack Pure only contains a low number of 8 ingredients.


Overall Dose Potency: 17/20

One of the plusses that really attracted us to Biohack Pure was the fact that they only had a formula of 8 ingredients. Biohack, like few others, realize the importance of creating an absolute, raw, nootropic. It skipped out on all the multivitamins, nutrients, and stimulants for more real estate for the ingredients that actually mattered. We have to give props to Biohack for this. However, we did notice that they’re using a low-quality, Huperzia Serrata, when they could have been using Huperzine A, a more potent and absolute ingredient. It’s just this small thing that takes away from the score that we have to give them. However, still pretty darn good.


Short Term Results: 17/20

It was not surprising that Biohack worked pretty well. The effects were above the industry’s standards, and the high potency was quite evident. We really did feel the focus and clarity that Biohack Pure brought in. Additionally, the effects were maintained for quite a long duration – around 4 hours. Then it would be time for lunch, thereafter, the second pill would be popped.


Long Term Results: 18/20

Among the great things with Biohack Pure, we also noticed that the effects that were brought about by that little capsule also persisted for a long time. There was no decrease in potency after continuous use. Of course, there will be a drop after using it for a first day, but that’s always expected of every nootropic. After that, though, there was no decrease in effects experienced. Rather, the effects actually gradually intensified. Towards the end of our 15 weeks of trying Biohack Pure, we noticed that we also felt increases in our memory, which was made evident when one of us was able to remember 10 different phone numbers after studying them for 5 minutes!


Side Effects: 18/20

There were no major side effects from taking Biohack Pure, which in itself, is a good thing. There are other nootropics out there that cause long-term problems, and even Adderall, something used widely for the treatment of ADD has its flaws in that it leaves the user severely addicted. However, it is notable that some of us experienced headaches from Biohack Pure, which might have been attributed to a low dosage of Alpha GPC Choline, or maybe some of us overdosing on it. Due to the high potency, those in the lower weight range should not take the recommended 2 capsules a day, and rather 1.


Price/Value: 16/20

A bottle of Biohack Pure costs $34.95 for 30 capsules. However, when you actually run the numbers, 30 capsules will only last you 15 days due to the fact that the recommended daily dosage is 2 capsules a day. Therefore, the price of Biohack Pure for a month’s supply is double of that. Although a really good product, Biohack Pure does not warrant this high price, and although valuable, it’s not of this level of high value. There are better options out there, which demonstrate similar effects for a lower price or have enhanced effects due to a slightly higher quality of ingredients.