Alpha Brain: One of the Kings of the Brain Enhancement Industry

Alpha Brain is probably one of the most popular and most widely known nootropics out there.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or if you’ve been using nootropics for a long time, you must have at least on one occasion heard of Alpha Brain.

Considered as one of the superstar giants in the industry, many other nootropic companies look up to Alpha Brain, and its incredibly clean, yet transparent way of dealing with things.

Just take a look at Alpha Brain’s website, and you’ll know how much dedication they put to giving their customers a completely unique experience. It’s admirable.

Alpha Brain Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts
Vitamin B6 10mg
Onnit Focus Blend
Alpha GPC, Bacopa Monrieri, Huperzia Serrata
Onnit Flow Blend
L-Tyroisne, L-Theanine, Oatstraw, L-Leucine, Phosphatidylserine
Onnit Fuel Blend
Proprietary Uncaria Tomentosa Extract, Vinpocetine, Pterostibene

It’s simple to say that Alpha Brain’s ingredients are one of its strongest points. Just taking a look at it, you’ll notice that it has quite a lot of good ingredients. Additionally, while others try to create an all-encompassing pill, Alpha Brain does the opposite – creating an incredibly potent nootropic.

Alpha Brain Dose Potency: 17/20

Potency is something that Alpha Brain’s ingredients don’t lack. As previously mentioned, the whole industry is diluted on this idea that more = better.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with pharmaceuticals, as there simply isn’t enough space in a pill or capsule to support a large number of ingredients, unless each ingredient is reduced in weight.

We give props to Alpha Brain for their bold move to stray away from the norm – probably why they’re so successful.

Additionally, it seems to be that Alpha Brain substitutes a lot of their ingredients for higher quality ones, meaning that its more readily absorbed by the body. Higher potency.

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Short Term Benefits: 18/20

It was not surprising to see that Alpha Brain hit us pretty hard, and almost immediately as well. In terms to what the industry standards have become, Alpha Brain soars above it.

It gives a uniquely potent, yet subtle boost to concentration, alertness, and mood.

We also were able to experience a higher quality state of sleep – one of the biggest claims on Alpha Brain’s site. Interestingly, the effects did not decrease with time – Alpha Brain stayed potent for long.

Long Term Benefits: 20/20

The good thing with Alpha Brain was that the short term benefits did not only persist for a long time, but that a lot of other long term benefits followed as well. In our tests, we saw boosts in memory and cognitive capability – mainly sharpness of mind, and quickness of thinking.

However, it seemed that even as we stopped taking Alpha Brain, although cognitive function also took a dip, we still felt like we were better than when we first started.

Alpha Brain Side Effects: 19/20

Incredibly, there were no major side effects from taking Alpha Brain.

There were some complaints about headaches and migraines, however, under closer inspection, it was due to an overdose – where a small guy was taking 3 capsules a day – way more than he should have.

Upon correcting his dosage, there were no other complaints concerning Alpha Brain, though. Quite simply, our time with Alpha Brain was a breeze.

Alpha Brain Price and Value: 19/20

A bottle of Alpha Brain costs $34.95, which contains 30 capsules. While it might seem cheap, it’s actually a bit more than that, due to the fact that 30 capsules will most likely run out in 15 days.

A full month’s supply of Alpha Brain costs $69.90. Concerning value, it’s a steal. Not only is it in the average price range, but its effects are also quite pronounced, as we discussed.

Being one of the best nootropics out there, Alpha Brain dominates in this respect. There aren’t many that can compare with the results you get from Alpha Brain.

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