TopBrainPills Rating: 73%

AddieUp Review: A Slightly Above Average Nootropic that’s Extremely Cheap!       

For those of you who are new to brain enhancers and have been looking for one on the internet, it’s almost without doubt that you must have undoubtedly stumbled upon AddieUp at one point or another. Their online presence has grown exponentially over the last year, and that might be due to their marketing strategies and how they seem to be spamming so many online platforms recently in an attempt to really raise public awareness on their product.


Supplement Facts
Caffeine 100mg
Proprietary Blend 821mg
4-Amino-2-Methylpentane Citrate, Guarana,
Caffeine Anhydrous, Yerbe Mate, Beta Phenylethylamine,
Higenamine HCL, Methyl-Synephrine HCL,
Choline Bitartrate, Ginkgo Biloba, Huperzine


AddieUp has a pretty straightforward formula that includes a lot of the ingredients that are included in most other brain pills as well.

Overall Dose Potency: 12/20

Judging by the formula, AddieUp could have been an extremely potent brain enhancer, but is actually held back with some quirks in their ingredients. Some of these quirks include the addition of 100mg of caffeine, which could have been better distributed to other brain enhancing ingredients. Aside from this, we aren’t able to comment more on the use of their other ingredients as they are hidden inside a ‘proprietary blend’, which basically hides all the useful information on the label from prying eyes.

Short Term Results: 11/20

We were quite reluctant on taking AddieUp, but at the same time, it was made for students – so it shouldn’t be too bad. Boy were we wrong. While AddieUp did increase our focus and concentration levels, it also hindered in some ways. It was so easy to get focused, but often, it would be on the wrong things. It was very, very easy to get distracted and start fiddling with other things. We believe that this might have been due to the amount of caffeine in AddieUp. Although not that high, when taken every day, along with most everyday sources like coffee and soda, actually produces disastrous effects.

Long Term Results: 15/20

On the long term side of things, we felt that our focus actually dropped, or wasn’t as high as when we first started taking AddieUp. This again might be attributed to caffeine, and how prolonged usage may contribute to the buildup of caffeine tolerance. In this respect, focus did drop substantially. There were also some effects in terms of motivation and memory, though, and this is where AddieUp excelled. Over a long period of time, as focus did in fact drop, memory increased in some way. We were able to remember some trivial things much more easily, as well as learn new things more efficiently. People were then finally actually motivated to get down to it and start working.

Side Effects: 16/20

While there weren’t really any major side effects experienced from AddieUp, one noticeably annoying thing was still the drop of focus and energy levels when caffeine tolerance eventually built up. Along with this, when we stopped taking AddieUp, we experienced some withdrawal symptoms that were typical of those taking large amounts of coffee per day, and then stopping. However, it wasn’t really that bad, and compared to some others we’ve tried before, actually holds up pretty well.

Price/Value: 19/20

On their website and on their label, it is said that you only need one capsule of AddieUp per day. A bottle of AddieUp is actually $59, and if you can actually go on this dosage for an entire 60 days, great! However, most people would agree that one capsule might just not be enough. However, for the price of $59, and going for as long as two months, AddieUp is a steal. Also don’t forget that you can get massive discounts if you just look around on the internet. AddieUp has LOADS just littered everywhere.


AddieUp isn’t a great nootropic. It’s not average, but it isn’t exceptional either. It’s just a little bit above average – and this is noticeable in its ingredients, the results, and even the side effects. Its ingredients indeed had a lot of potential. However, that is put down by the fact that AdddieUp still contains some filler, the biggest of which is caffeine. The results are satisfactory, but not great, and there are some side effects related to caffeine as well. Then again, all of this could be solved by simply taking caffeine out of the formula, and put something more beneficial to the brain in its place. Overall, the price is extremely cheap – $59 for two months. However, some would argue that you’d actually finish that in one month. For what it does, AddieUp is good. However, it could be loads better.