AdderRX Review: Pretty Good, But Not The Best

AdderRX is another product that plays with the Adderall name.

Truly, there are thousands of nootropic products out there that bear a similar name, however, most do not even come close to replicating Adderall’s effects.

In fact, most of these types of copies work as energy boosters. Having this in mind, we are curious to see whether AdderRX will impress us or distress us.

AdderRX Supplement Facts:

Supplement Facts
Proprietary Blend 770mg
Cytidine 5’ – Diphosphocholine
Synephrine HCL
Schizandrol A

The formula does include some very good ingredients, such as Vinpocetine and L-Theanine.

Vinpocetine works by enhancing blood flow to the brain, which allows better concentration and improved memory recall. Meanwhile, L-Theanine has calming effects and can reduce anxiety levels.

Along with relaxation comes an improvement in cognitive functions such as memory and learning. AdderRX also contains 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine, which is actually the scientific name for caffeine.

Even though caffeine has been the world’s favourite nootropic for as long as we can remember, we hope that AdderRX hasn’t packed more than 200mg of it in the blend. If they have done so however, get ready to say hello to jitters, jitters, and more JITTERS!

AdderRX Overall Dose Potency: 17/20

A look at their label shows that there is an exact 770mg in their “Proprietary Blend”.

That said, they only require one capsule a day, which shouldn’t be nearly enough for most people, due to the fact that these ingredients won’t account up to the necessary dosages that would be deemed efficient for maximum nootropic benefits.

We do hope that the 770mg isn’t filled mostly with caffeine, because that would truly be disappointing.

AdderRX Short Term Results: 17/20

Although we were reluctant to try AdderRX at first due to their failure to disclose the dose of each ingredient, we were glad we did.

To our surprise, there were some pretty good effects reported from taking AdderRX.

In the morning, there was a small jolt of energy, followed by 3-4 hours of increased focus.

Even though there were no major improvements in terms of memory, we were happy to see that AdderRX did help us concentrate.

Long Term Results: 12/20

At the end of our reviewing period, we must admit that the effects that once impressed us were not as noticeable.

Although energy and focus were still slightly enhanced, we did feel that we had built a tolerance and needed a higher dose in order to keep seeing results.

AdderRX Side Effects: 14/20

It was quite notable that even though there were no real effects to be experienced from AdderRX, what was present was still the side effects of nootropic use.

When one of our writers took more than 2 capsules a day, he did experience a slight headache. However, this is not something you should be doing in any case!

Aside from that, there were no other side effects from taking AdderRX.

AdderRX Price and Value: 16/20

The price for a 30-capsule bottle of AdderRX is $39.99, which would last you a month or 15 days, depending on your usage.

If you can make the bottle last an entire month, then we would consider the price to be quite reasonable.

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