When buying nootropics, most beginners are often faced with this question: should I buy various nootropics, or just a pre-stacked one? This is a very confusing question, as there are many factors that go into play here. Many die-hard nootropic fans will often tell you that creating your own nootropic stack by selecting individual supplements is much better than buying a single pre-stacked nootropic, and to a certain degree, they have a good argument.

Before we go into that discussion, it would be a good idea to put in some groundwork so that we’re on the same mindset here. Creating your own nootropic stack means ordering supplements such as GNC’s Alpha Lipoic Acid, Dymatize’s Acetyl L-Carnitine, Piracetam, and Puritan’s Pride’s Vinpocetine, and mixing them around to see which ratio works best for you. This means whether or not you are supposed to use 500mg of ALCAR, 1000mg of Piracetam, and 10mg of Vinpocetine; or it whether it will be a different mix. The point of stacking is so to allow experienced veterans to create a formula of brain enhancing ingredients that will promote best results for them.


Making Your Own Nootropics

On the other hand, pre-stacked nootropics are the ‘brain pills’ that you see online like Biohack Pure, NITROvit, and Mind Nutrition, to name a few. The difference, is that instead of allowing you to mix and match individual ingredients by yourself, these pills usually contain anywhere from 8 to 20 nootropic ingredients that come pre-stacked. In a way, you could think of it as a cookie-cutter formula, however, ‘cookie-cutter’ doesn’t usually do it enough justice, and in this case it isn’t a bad thing. Most times, these formulas come with extensive research behind it, with the research objective being a formula that is results-oriented, and will work for the majority, or 9 out of 10 people.

True, there is a certain novelty to experimenting with your body’s reactions to the different individual supplements, and seeing what specific ratio works best for you and produces the best results – it’s a little bit like Breaking Bad. However, for most people, it isn’t really that simple. There are just too many factors that you have to take into consideration, and really, a lot of tweaking. You’ll need to give yourself at least two weeks gauging the results before you should tweak your regimen, and by the time you’ve gotten everything to line up correctly, it might be six months down the road.

Another reason why this might not be such a good idea is because each individual supplement might cost anywhere between $20 and $40 – a price that although small, when you add the numbers up for 4 or 5 different supplements, might amount to over $100.


How to get the best savings on Nootropics2

We believe that taking a pre-stacked nootropic that already has years of neurological research and testing behind it to be an undervalued concept, but one that works – just look at all the user testimonials and reviews available online! More often than not, there will be countless more testimonials and product reviews by pre-stacked nootropics, and it’s very easy to gauge whether or not something works for you. If it doesn’t try another one, or read the forums and review sites like this, to see which ones professionals and users recommend.

And in place of a previous argument, pre-stacked nootropics usually come from anywhere from $50 to $70 on average, which is a lot less expensive than what you might be spending on nootropic ‘experimentation’.


How to get the best savings on Nootropics

We’ll admit that if you really are a veteran user, and you want to furthermore increase your mental performance by maybe 10% more than what pre-stacked nootropics can allow, for a little more money, go ahead and create your own nootropic stacks, and start experimenting with your brain.

However, you might just find that the results are not what you expected. On the other hand, if you’re a beginner, or even an experienced nootropic user that simply hasn’t found the right mix, we suggest trying out the pre-stacked formulas, as you can usually never go wrong – where increasing your dosages is as simple as popping an extra pill.