If You’re Procrastinating, Acknowledge It

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Don’t pretend that you deserve a day off just procrastinating

Why aren’t you doing work?

Don’t you have some reports to hand in or some databases to update?

Or perhaps you’re at home, but you can’t be bothered to do your chores.

Whatever it is, you have to acknowledge it – you are procrastinating.

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How to stop procrastinating?

Come on, you did not land on this page by purpose, but have done so since you had some time, but did not seek to use it productively.

But I have a way for you to stop.

This method actually comes from the guy seated right next to me, Bill (Thanks, Bill!).

The other day, he caught me just reading some articles on Mashable, and he asked me whether I was procrastinating or not, to which I answered, “No, no.

Just taking a look at something for a minute.” Well, he was right.

I probably had not been doing work for an hour, but what was even stranger was that I did not even know I had been wasting that much time.

This is when I came up with the idea to start acknowledging that I was procrastinating, in an effort to stop me from doing so.

It’s obviously not going to stop you from checking Facebook every now and then.

But you’ll be actively aware that you are wasting time whenever you do it – and perhaps somewhere in your gut, you’ll feel bad and stop eventually.

Basically, at any point where you have suddenly opened a new tab that is not related to work at all whatsoever, you say out loud, “procrastinating!” Perhaps you wouldn’t want to shout it.

But just say it loud enough so that your buddies next to you can hear.

Once you notice that they have notice, you are probably not going to stay on that site for long.

But even if you are home alone, at least you are completely acknowledging that you are wasting your time on things that don’t really matter, keeping that amount of time to a minimum.

Then of course, when you are done, you say “moving on!”… and then you move on.