Want to learn how to get the best savings on your brain pills and nootropics? Listen up!

Often times, we might go directly to the shopping page of a brain pill manufacturer website to purchase, without considering that there might be valuable discounts out there that we are missing out on. This is a habit you should get rid of. Always be aware that plenty of sites offer savings on your purchase, but in some cases, you might have to actually search for them.How to get the best savings on Nootropics

In most cases, there are many types of discounts available, you just need to learn to identify them, and properly utilize them. Discount codes, bulk deals, and newsletters – these are just some of the many things that you should learn to pick up on.


Discount Codes

Discount codes are codes that you get to enter to get a set percentage off of your order. These discounts might range from 5% to even 30%, but most of them are around 10-20%. You’ll notice places where you can enter your discount codes usually before checking out your shopping cart. If you’re at the checkout already and you don’t have a discount code, STOP! At this point, it would be best advised to start looking around the website or on other websites for anything that you can find regarding the matter. At times, there will be discount codes available on the website if you just take time to look for it. However, more often, if you look on forums online, preexisting customers might have done you the liberty of already providing these discount codes in a thread or post. Aside from forums, you might find discount codes on review sites as they might usually contain ‘review site discount codes’, which are sometimes higher than normal discount codes. Take your pick, but you definitely must not checkout without a single discount code.

Bulk Deals

hot-dealsBulk deals are a different type of discount. It usually comes in a certain calculated formula like ‘Buy 2 + 1 Free’, or ‘Buy 6 for a 50% discount’. Basically, the more you buy, the more savings you get – with some manufacturers offering very attractive discounts, like a year’s supply for the price of six months. Obviously, it would be a bad idea to go for a year’s supply of a particular nootropic if it is your first time trying it out. Chances are, you might not order a year’s supply of Biohack Pure or AddieUp, and then realize you don’t like it and would not want to take it anymore, with still eleven and a half bottles left and $400 out of your pocket. However, a great way that you can utilize this discount is if you’ve already tried a brain pill for 1-2 months and have had amazing results. After spending $60 on one bottle, feel free to now spend $250 for 6 months’ supply.

Sign Up for Newsletters

The third place where you can get amazing discounts are newsletters. On most brain pill websites, there will almost most likely be a section where you can ‘sign up’ for a newsletter. While most people would feel reluctant about filling their inbox with what could be spam, often times, this is not the case. Newsletters are usually distributed once or twice a week, offering useful information and sometimes, exclusive discount codes, and sometimes even freebees, that are not readily available to those who have not signed up. And you know, you can always opt out of their mailing list at any time. If you find that their information is not useful, or is spam, opting out of the mailing list is as easy as a few clicks.

Be creative with these. You might not know, but even at a 30% discounted bulk order, you might be able to add in another 20% off with a discount code at the checkout counter. If you’re short on cash, discounts and savings from your brain pills might just mean being to put an extra $100 bill in your wallet, so always be on the lookout, and remember never to hit checkout if you’re buying at standard retail price!