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We test and review the top brain pills and memory supplements of 2022 so you don’t have to. 

Each week we test a new product, breakdown the formula and ingredients, and compile a database detailing the best rated brain pills and memory boosting supplements.

We highlight what to look for when choosing the right memory and focus supplements to add to your daily regimen.

Struggling with ADHD or memory problems?, lethargy or low self-esteem?, drowsiness and brain fog?, or just want a protective brain vitamin?

Start here with our top brain pills rundown and look forward to days of energized clarity, productivity, and motivation.


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Nitrovit Alpha Brain Ginkgo Smart Biohack Pure Neurofuse
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Neuro Laboratories has managed to breathe life back into what seemed to be for the longest time, an unvaried, defeated market of nootropic supplements all using the same 15 or so herb and grass based ingredients. Alpha Brain is probably one of the most popular and most widely known nootropics out there. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or if you’ve been using nootropics for a long time, you must have at least on one occasion heard of Alpha Brain. Although its marketing might lead you to believe that Ginkgo Smart is only a Ginkgo Biloba supplement, closer observation will let you know that its actually something else – a completely legitimate nootropics supplement with a higher focus on Ginkgo Biloba. If you’re a fan of sports, you probably know Biohack and its owner Jonathan Weisman, who advocates the use of nootropics in sports. However, in a truly nootropic standpoint, Biohack Pure is a pretty good nootropic, rivalling the gigantic companies out there. How well does Neurofuse stack up against some of the other supplements we’ve reviewed before? One thing we do have to note was that finding Neurofuse’s supplement facts label was not easy at all.


Can a Nootropic Brain Supplement Help You Achieve More? 

People from all walks of life are now turning to Nootropics for their abilities to enhance key parts of cognition. 

  • Students to cram and remember more stored information come exam time
  • People held back by anxiety looking for natural healthy mood regulation
  • ADHD sufferers to help them better focus and overcome forgetfulness and brain fog
  • Seniors wanting more than ‘Exec – B’s’ to keep them sharp, energetic, and independent
  • Driven individuals looking to optimize every aspect of their mental performance

If you haven’t yet tried a nootropic brain supplement then you are in for a treat. Nootropics can make every day a great day – productive, happy, and focused. 


What to look for when buying a Nootropic brain pill

When buying any supplement – always look for the GMP certified logo and confirmation on the manufacturers website. 

Nootropics are classed as Dietary Supplements and therefore cannot be FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved like a new drug can.

For this reason it is perfectly legal for the manufacturer of the brain pill you’re looking to purchase to make his/her supplements in their garage! 

A manufacturer driven by quality standards and creating the very best brain supplements can opt to have their supplement manufactured in a laboratory operating under the FDA’s ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’ guidelines. 

This is the Dietary Supplement equivalent of ‘FDA Approval’ and you should really only purchase a brain supplement that has been built under FDA’s certified GMP guidelines.

To pass GMP protocol a product is subjected to many tests including: 

  • Heavy metal testing
  • Contamination testing
  • 3rd party inspections
  • 6 monthly audit of the facilities manufacturing the brain supplement

Only purchase a brain pill that displays the following cGMP logo as is such with all those in our Top 10 Nootropic brain pill list.

Images of the GMP logo found on the top brain pill supplements


If nootropic focus supplements and brain enhancement pills are new to you, then read on to see if you could be feeling on top form, confident, sharp, and engaged…

We break down the difference between a true nootropic and a stimulant heavy energy pill.

Why the top brain pills share some of the same ingredients as sex-enhancement supplements!

And, how you can learn to avoid the under-powered and overpriced “brain boosting” supplements and focus pills, and find the right Nootropic supplement first time.

Get ready to start feeling sharper, clearer, and more confident…


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